Neat Smart Organization System - Set Item Type for Scanning

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Learn how to set the item type for your scans using the Neat Smart Organization System. Neat allows you to change your scan settings to manually select the type of item that is being scanned in. Follow the steps below to learn how to set item types in the Smart Organization System.

Set Item Type for Scanning

  1. Click the Scan button.
    Neat Lightweight App connect multiple scanners - step 1
  2. A Neat Scan Window will open. In the Neat Scan window, click the Auto-Detect button. Several item type options will be displayed in a drop-down menu.
    Neat Lightweight App Set item type - Step 3
  3. Select either Receipt, Document, Contact, Invoice, or Recipe according to the item that you are about to scan in.
  4. Neat will recognize all future scanned items as the item type that you selected until you change the item type again. You can change the item type before every scan.

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