Raven Pro

The Raven Pro scanner is a TWAIN compliant scanner that integrates with the Neat Scan Utility.

Please Note:
  • This scanner is supported in both Windows and Mac environments.
  • The Raven Pro scanner can scan via wifi. However, it needs to be connected via USB to connect with the Neat Scan Utility (v.1.4.3 or later).
  • You can rotate images in the Neat Scan Utility but you can save time when scanning from the Raven Pro scanner by loading pages upside down.
There are 2 options for getting scanned items from the Raven scanner into Neat:

Scanning to your @neatcloud.com email.

  1. Because the Raven scanner has a scan to email option, it can be set to send scanned items directly to Neat cloud using the your @neatcloud.com email address.
  2. Press Destination on the Raven touchscreen (on the right side).
  3. Press Email.
  4. Enter the recipient email address and press Go.
  5. Place the items to be scanned in the feeder and press Scan.
  6. Images can be edited before emailing by tapping them.
  7. Press Send to Destination.

Connecting the Raven Pro scanner to the Neat Scan Utility

  1. Do not connect the Raven Pro scanner until the scan drivers are installed.
  2. If not already done, install the TWAIN driver for the Raven Pro scanner. For Windows, download here. For Mac, download here.
  3. Connect the Raven Pro scanner to your computer via USB cable.
  4. Power on the Raven scanner.
  5. Open the Neat Scan Utility.
  6. Use the settings options and Scan button within the Neat Scan Utility to scan your items.

  7. For more information please see the Neat Scan Utility FAQ

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