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Please review the following FAQs to find out more information about the Neat Trial Experience.


How do I start my free trial of Neat?

It’s easy - Simply navigate to, click the Try for Free button and you're on your way! OR, click here to be brought directly to our sign-up form.

What exactly can I do in my free trial of Neat?

You’ll have access to virtually all aspects of Neat. During your trial, you can stream transactions, us our reconciliation features, itemize transactions and so much more. Be sure to check out our Help Center for tutorials, videos, FAQs and other helpful material on getting the most out of your 15 days.

How long is the trial?

Your free Neat trial will last for 15 days. You can upgrade anytime and we’ll just add on those remaining days to your subscription.

What happens after the trial is over?

When your trial ends, you’ll no longer have access to Neat and all its features. Your data (transactions, documents, etc.) will remain securely in our system for a period of time, however, we recommend not waiting too long to subscribe. Eventually, the data must be purged from our servers to allow storage for our paying subscribers.

If you already had an active Neat subscription/plan prior to enabling a Neat Books or Neat files Unlimited trial, your plan will automatically revert back to the plan it was on.

Can I switch to a paid plan before it’s over?

You sure can! As mentioned above, you can upgrade at any point in your trial!

Can I try all the new features? (I’m an existing/long-time Neat user) If so, how?

Absolutely! Just sign-in at, click Try NeatBooks. From there you’ll begin your FREE 15 day trial period where you can try out all of the new features.

Please Note: No migration of any kind will be required for those using any current Neat applications. For those using our retired legacy desktop application, please click here for more information.

Do I need a credit card for the free trial?

Yes, a credit card is necessary when signing up for a free trial with Neat. After the 15 day trial, you will be charged for either you NeatBooks or NeatFiles unlimited plan.

What are the limitations of the Trial?

During your 15-day trial, you will be limited to adding 100 financial documents. (Invoices, Receipts, Bills, Statements) We’ll remind you if you happen to get close to the max amount, however, once you exceed 100 financial documents, you will need to upgrade to continue using Neat. Remember, you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time!

Will I have access to support during my trial?

Of course! You’ll have access to 1:1 training, live chat, phone, and best of all, our built-in Help Center where you’ll find a wealth of tutorials, FAQs, videos and more! If you’ve already started your trial, click here to launch our in-app help center.

What types of accounts can I connect to Neat to stream my transactions?

Neat allows you to connect to over 10,000 financial institutions where you can manage your bank (personal/savings etc.), credit card, and loan accounts.

Can I still use a Scanner to get my items into Neat?

Yes! You’ll just need to download our versatile, easy-to-use, FREE Scan Utility. Our Scan Utility allows you to scan your items directly into Neat or to your computer.

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