Collecting Logs from Neat's Self Service Portal

If you are experiencing an issue via the Self Service Portal, we will need the below information to resolve this problem.

Along with gathering the below info, please also provide screenshots and specific error messages if possible.

  1. Open the browser devtools by pressing:
    • Mac: Command+Option+C
    • Windows, Linux, Chrome OS: Control+Shift+C
  2. Choose the Network tab.
  3. In the toolbar check Preserve Log.
  4. Choose the Console tab.
  5. With the console tab open, attempt to recreate the error.
    For example, if you are trying to update the credit card on file, then attempt to update the credit card with the console tab open.
  6. Highlight and copy any data that shows up in the console tab and paste it in a text file or take a screenshot of the data.
    Make sure to scroll up and down through the console tab as there could be more data above or below the current view.
  7. If the error message contains a URL, click the URL. This should open up the network tab and highlight the error in red.
  8. Click on that red error message to view the details and take a screenshot of the Headers and Response tabs.

Once the above information is gathered, please send as a reply to the case that was initially opened with the Customer Care team.


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