Neat FAQ

This is Neat's newest web app and New Neat Experience. The Neat cloud service allows you to add files – or access files – from anywhere!



Quick guide to getting started with Neat

Check out our onboarding checklist to help with getting started.

  1. Dashboard
    Your dashboard provides you with updates about Neat and your account. Quickly access items, check your cashflow, or share ideas all from the Dashboard.
  2. Transactions
    Connect your financial accounts and stream in transactions to manage all your financial data in one place.
  3. Reports
    Review and create reports.
  4. File Cabinet
    Create your own folder structure to organize your items in Neat.
  5. Monthly Cash Flow
    Neat’s business health insights will provide you with the data and metrics you need to feel confident about your business – in real-time, on one screen on your Neat dashboard.
  6. Needs Review
    Check your dashboard for recently added items.
  7. Add Item
    Import, createm and check out other ways to add items to Neat.
  8. Settings
    Access various user, account, and billing settings.
  9. Neat Tips
    Check Neat Tips on your dashboard for tips on using Neat.
  10. Quick Links
    Quickly access your various item types from the Quick Links menu on your dashboard.
  11. Release Notes
    See notes on newly added functionality and features in Neat to make the most out of your experience.
  12. Ideas Portal
    Share your thoughts and feedback about Neat and your experience in the Ideas Portal! All changes in Neat are a direct result of customer feedback!
  13. Help & Support
    Quickly access the Neat Help Center articles and walkthroughs or open a case with support.

What are the system requirements for Neat?

Neat is a web-based cloud application that can be accessed using a web browser like Chrome (Recommended), FireFox, and Safari. You must have an active Neat Cloud subscription plan in order to use Neat.

Please Note: For the best experience, we recommend using Chrome.

How do I login and access Neat?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your existing Neat user name and password credentials.

How do I get my items into Neat?

There are many ways to get items into Neat such as:

How do I provide feedback on the Neat web app?

Please visit the Neat Ideas Portal to share your ideas and feedback on the Neat web app.


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