Opting In or Out of Neat Emails

You have the option to opt out of receiving emails from Neat. If you wish to make changes to the types of emails you receive from Neat simply go  to to enter your email address at https://www.neat.com/email-preferences/ , and click Unsubscribe. Neat sends emails with various types of content as listed in the table below:  

Email Type



  Get started using Neat or learning about new features

  Account reminder

  Advise when your account is up for renewal or has expired


  Provides pointers on getting the most out of Neat


  Special discount and offers on Neat or partner products


  Our partners may send you emails with relevant content or offers

  Small Biz Rising Updates

  Receive emails from SmallBizRising.com

  Do not email

  Stop receiving any emails from Neat


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