Neat Smart Organization System - Reanalyze Image

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Learn how to reanalyze an image in the Neat Software. If you scan an item, and Neat does not identify the correct information for the item, you can send the item to NeatVerify to have it reanalyzed. NeatVerify is a human data verification service that ensures 99% accuracy for the key data that Neat automatically extracts from receipts. It’s a perfect tool for reanalyzing faded receipts or handwritten totals, such as a restaurant receipt with an added tip. Learn how to send to reanalyze a scanned item by following the easy steps below.

Reanalyze an image

In the Folders pane, click on the folder containing the item you want to have reanalyzed. In the Details View pane, click on the item you want to reanalyze, then click the NeatVerify icon.


A message box will appear informing you of the amount of NeatVerify credits that will be used to reanalyze the item. Click Send to continue. The item will be send to NeatVerify. A check mark will appear next to the item in the app once it has been reanalyzed.  

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