Sharing Accounts in Neat

Learn how to share your Neat account with others in the Neat web app. Neat allows you to easily collaborate with others by sharing your account with them. The recipient(s) will gain full access to your Neat account. Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about folder sharing below.
Please Note: For the following you will need to be logged in to the Neat web app.




What is account sharing?

Account sharing allows you to invite other users to your Neat account. Upon accepting an invitation to your Neat account, these users will create their own login credentials to your account and will have full access to view, edit, and comment on all items stored in your Neat account. If you wish to selectively share only a portion of your Neat account with another user, then please see steps for Folder Sharing.


How many users can I share my account with?

You can share your account with up to 4 other users. These users do not need to have their own active Neat account.


Can I change my user permissions?

No, at this time you cannot adjust permissions for users you share your account with. We understand the importance of this feature and are working to implement this in a future update.

How do I share my account?

  1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner of Neat and choose Account Settings.

  2. Scroll down to User Management.
  3. Click Invite.

  4. In the Invite User window, enter the user’s first and last name and their email address.
  5. Optional: Add notes to the user.
    Please Note: You will be the only person who is able to see these notes. The notes will not be included in the account invitation that is sent to the user.
  6. Once done, select Send.
  7. The recipient will receive a confirmation email to let them know you are sharing your Neat account with them. They will need to click the link in the email to confirm. If they do not have a Neat account, they can create a free account.
    Note: If you find your emails from are ending up in the recipient's spam or junk mail folder, please advise them to mark the emails from Neat as safe or "not spam" so they wil begin to appear in their regular inbox making them easier to find.

  8. As the account owner, you can manage your users from the User Management section under Account Settings.

    Users with an Active status have logged in, accepted your invitation, and can now access your account when they login.
    Users with a Pending status have not accepted your invitation yet.


How can I verify who I shared my account with previously?

As the account owner, you can view who you have shared your account with by checking your User Management settings under Account Settings.

How do I comment on an item in a shared Neat account?

Comments can be viewed and added by the account owner and users of a shared account.
  1. Locate an item you want to comment on and double-click it.
  2. Click the Comments tab above the item image. This will display any previous comments along with the time they were made.
  3. To add a comment, type in the box provided below comments and click Share Your Comment to save it.


How do I revoke access to my Neat account?

  1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner of Neat and choose Account Settings.

  2. Scroll down to User Management.
  3. Locate the user you want to revoke access from and click the subtract (-) action, under the Actions column.

  4. In the confirmation window click Delete to revoke that user’s access to your account.


Can multiple accounts be shared with me?

Yes! There is currently no limit to the amount of accounts you can be invited to as a user. This is especially useful for accountants who need to access all their client’s Neat accounts. Just login with your Neat account credentials and then select the account you need to access from the multi-account user dashboard.

You will be logged into which ever account you select. You can verify which account you are in by checking the account name at the top right hand corner of Neat.


I’ve been given access to multiple account, how do I switch between these accounts?

  1. Once your logged into an account, to switch to another account click on your name at the top right hand corner of Neat, then select Change Account.

  2. You will be brought back to the multi-account user dashboard, to select another account.

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