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Please Note: For the following you will need to be logged in to the Neat web app.
The Organize My Files section in Neat is where your imported, scanned, and uploaded documents are stored. You can create your own custom folder directory under My Cabinet and organize your files any way you like!

Needs Review Folder

The Needs Review folder is an easy, convenient way of viewing all items that have not been opened in Neat regardless of which folder they reside in. Once viewed the item will no longer be in Needs Review folder. If that item was not already placed in a specific folder, it will appear in the Files section. See more about the Needs Review folder here.

All Files Folder

The All Files folder is a virtual folder that presents every item in your file cabinet on one grid. This folder will allow users to filter all items regardless of what folder they belong to. This folder also supports all of the same filter and grid action items. For example: you can reprocess, send to accounting, export, combine, and separate from the All Files folder as well.

Unfiled Folder

The Unfiled folder stores all items in your database that do not have a folder assisgned to them. If you review an item in the Needs Review folder and forget to select a folder for the item, then the item will end up in the Unfiled folder. To move items out of this folder, assign a folder to each item.

Saved Reports Folder

All Classic Reports are automatically saved in the Saved Reports folder. This folder acts as a quick filter to see all reports generated in Neat.

Please Note: Accounting reports do not get automatically saved in the Saved Reports folder at this time.

My Cabinet

My Cabinet is completely customizable. You can create your own customized folder structure and organize you files in a way that works best for you. Here is a helpful article that shows you how to manage the folders in your cabinet:


Trash is where all your deleted items and folders end up. Items that you delete will remain in the trash until you empty your trash. When you empty your Trash, the contents will be permanently deleted.

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