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Learn how to export Invoices to QuickBooks Online in the Neat Smart Organization System. This feature allows you to transfer invoices you have stored in the Neat Software into QuickBooks Online so you can process payments.

Please note: The Self Employed version of QuickBooks Online does not support integrations with other applications such as Neat.

Export an Invoice to QuickBooks Online for payment

  1. If you haven’t setup your QuickBooks Online connection yet, first  connect your account, and then map your data.
  2. Select the invoice(s) you want to send to QuickBooks Online. In the drop-down menu select Send To, then click Accounting.
    nla qb export
  3. If you have all of your accounts setup and information entered for your items you will get a message that the item was successfully exported to QuickBooks Online.
    qbo sent
  4. You can then log into QuickBooks Online to view the item and make a payment on it.
    qbo invoice

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