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Current reported known issues and statuses

Windows 11: Windows was unable to install your Neat scanner

Impact: Limited Impact - Neat scanner users on Windows 11.
Status: Resolvable
Issue Description: A few users reported getting an error that "Windows was unable to install your Neat scanner" when installing or updating the Neat driver in Windows 11. Some older versions of Windows may need a 32-bit driver to work, but newer Windows operating systems will only work with a 64-bit driver. If you have Windows 11, please install the 64-bit driver for your Neat scanner available in the Neat Downloads page.

Mobile app: Auto-Capture not working/not loading.

Impact: Limited Impact - Neat Mobile users on older versions of the Neat Mobile app.
Status: Resolvable
Issue Description: Users who have not updated the Neat Mobile app to the latest version may notice the auto-capture function does not load or work on their device. This is easily resolved by updating the app to v1.0.25 or newer from Google Play or the App Store. See Neat Downloads for links to the latest version.

Neat Scan Utility: Error received while uploading. Retrying in 60 seconds.

Impact: Limited Impact - Neat users on Mac OS 12 Monterey who scan to Neat via the Neat Scan Utility
Status: Resolved!
Issue Description: Users on Mac OS 12 Monterey sending items to Neat from the Neat Scan Utility get the message "Error received while uploading. Retrying in 60 seconds."
We now have a resolution for this error. It is built into the latest version of the scan utility (v1.5.3). It will automatically download when you open the Neat Scan Utility for a minute or two and then will update once you close and reopen it.
If you don't have it currently installed, download the latest version from the Install Neat Scan Utility page.
The previous workaround was saving your scans with the Send tab set to Your Computer to save images locally and then uploading the images to the Neat web app. This is no longer necessary with the 1.5.3 version of the utility.

Transaction Accounts May Appear Stuck Processing

Impact: Limited Impact - Only some Neat Users who have connected Transactions for streaming
Status: Resolvable
Issue Description: Due to ongoing improvement updates, some accounts may appear to be stuck processing, for instance at 25% or 50%, but not appearing to complete updating transactions.
While it appears to be stuck, transactions are actually updating in the background. To resolve this, click on the account that is still refreshing. It may display a green banner showing "Refreshing Transactions..." or a red banner showing "Additional Authentication Required". You'll be prompted to re-enter your credentials for the account. Once complete, the account will refresh as normal.

Some item images are not displayed in the webapp

Impact: Limited Impact - Some Neat Cloud Users
Status: Resolved - you may need to clear the cache on your browser to see your images again.
Issue Description: Users on the most current versions of Chrome and Firefox may notice some items display a blank field instead of the item's image. This does not affect older versions of Chrome or Firefox. Using the Edge browser is recommended while this is being resolved. Downloading the item will also allow you to see the image.
Update: The Edge browser was initially unaffected but after the latest Edge update it was affected. With the issue now resolved, you may need to clear the cache on your browser to see your images again.

API version “2.2.207” does not match the worker version “2.2.12”

Impact: Limited Impact - Some Neat Cloud Users
Status: Resolvable
Issue Description: After a recent app update, some Neat Cloud users may see the error message 'API version “2.2.207” does not match the worker version “2.2.12”' when trying to view images. This issue is easily resolvable by opening the missing image in a new tab and then refreshing the Neat tab.

Items Stuck Processing

Impact: Limited Impact - Only some users will experience
Status: Resolution in progress

Issue Description: Some customers may experience issues with items that appear to be stuck in processing. Please visit this Help Center article for more information on this issue and for steps on how to clear items that are stuck processing.

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