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Current reported known issues and statuses

API version “2.2.207” does not match the worker version “2.2.12”

Impact: Limited Impact - Some Neat Cloud Users
Status: Resolvable
Issue Description: After a recent app update, some Neat Cloud users may see the error message 'API version “2.2.207” does not match the worker version “2.2.12”' when trying to view images. This issue is easily resolvable by opening the missing image in a new tab and then refreshing the Neat tab.

Transaction Streaming - JP Morgan Chase Update

Date Posted: March 16, 2021
Impact: Limited Impact - Only users who have connected a JPMC account to Neat for transaction streaming
Status: Update to be rolled out Mid-March 2021

Description: Starting Mid-March 2021, JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) will begin rolling out a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) update. A MFA prompt adds another layer of security to your account by requiring multiple credentials to authenticate your identity.

The update will enforce a MFA prompt to customers who have a JPMC account connected to Neat for transaction streaming. In order to continue to stream data from a JPMC account uninterrupted, you will have to successfully respond to the MFA prompt when it arises.

We ask that you update your JPMC contact information, monitor your JPMC account status, and take the required actions to maintain your account connection when you are prompted with the MFA.

Items Stuck Processing

Impact: Limited Impact - Only some users will experience
Status: Resolution in progress

Issue Description: Some customers may experience issues with items that appear to be stuck in processing. Please visit this Help Center article for more information on this issue and for steps on how to clear items that are stuck processing.

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