Accessing the Neat Web App on a Mobile Device

The Neat Mobile App is a companion application to the Neat Web App. The Neat Mobile App allows you to:

  • Capture items on-the-go to send them to Neat
  • Quickly search for items in your Neat database
  • View and match your streamed transactions
  • See your business insights (Coming soon)

To get the Full Neat Experience you should login to Neat at on a web browser.

You can also access on a mobile browser however, please be aware that some functionalities may not be available due to the nature of mobile browsers. Below is a list of some of the functionalities that may not work properly on a mobile browser. Click on each item to see more details.

Right-click or long-press in the grid view to bring up the context menus

In a web browser, you can right-click on items in the grid view in order to bring up context menus for moving items, emailing items, and editing items. This functionaility is not available in a mobile browser.

Managing accounts for transaction streaming

In a mobile browser, you will not be able to manage, add, or remove any connected accounts you have for transactions streaming. In order to manage your accounts you should login to from a web browser.

Pinching or zooming in order to view the entire page

Mobile browsers allow you to pinch the screen to zoom in and out, however you may have issues viewing the entire Neat page on a mobile browser using this method.

Drag & Drop

In a web browser, you can move items around in Neat by dragging and dropping files and folders. The drag and drop feature is not available on a mobile browser in Neat, however you can move items by opening them and selecting a new folder from the folder dropdown. See option 2 in our items and item management article.

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