Create Folders and Sub-Folders in the Neat Smart Organization System

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In the Neat Smart Organization System the Folders pane allows you to view all of the folders in your database. By default, Neat creates an Inbox that contains four folders: From Concierge Scan, From Email, From NeatMobile, and From Web Import, as well as your CabinetPlease Note: Concierge Scan service is no longer available from Neat. You will need to create folders in your cabinet to keep your information organized, much like you would do with a real filing cabinet. Follow the instructions below or watch the video to learn how to create folders and sub-folders using the Neat Smart Organization System.

Create a Folder

  1. In the Folders pane, click on the Plus sign in the upper right corner.
    Neat Lightweight App Create folders - Step 1-1
    Neat Lightweight App Create folders - Step 1-2
  2. A Create New Folder box will open. In this box, you can choose the Location that the new folder will be created in, the folder Name, and a Description of its contents. When finished selecting your folder options, click Create.
    Neat Lightweight App Create folders - Step 2
  3. The new folder will appear in your Cabinet. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to create additional folders.
    Neat Lightweight App Create folders - Step 3


Create a Sub-Folder

  1. A sub-folder is a folder that is housed inside another folder. If you want to create a sub-folder, simply right click on the main folder you want the sub-folder to be created in, then follow Steps 1 and 2 in the above steps. You'll want to create a folder structure that works well for your individual purposes. Below is a sample folder structure.
    Neat Lightweight App Create folders - Step 4

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