Scan with 3rd Party Scanners

Please note: To scan, you need to have the Neat Scan Utility installed.

Scan with a 'Neat Certified' TWAIN compliant 3rd Party Scanner

If you do not have a Neat scanner, you can use any TWAIN compatible scanner with the Neat Scan Utility. TWAIN is a widely-used software that allows you to scan an image directly into an application, such as Neat. Consult your device manufacturer to find out if it is certified as TWAIN-compliant. Some popular 3rd-party scanners that are currently 'Neat Certified' and are supported: For a full comparison of our Neat certified scanners, click here.


Using a non-Neat Certified TWAIN compliant scanner?

Scanners connected to the Neat Scan Utility that are not 'certified' by Neat engineers will have limited scanner setting abilities. Non-Neat Certified scanners will NOT be able to change the following scan settings in the Scan Utility:

  • Single / Double sided
  • Separate / Combined scanning
  • B/W / Color scanning
  • Crop / Edit image before sending and processing
  • Rotate image before sending and processing
  • Zoom in / out before sending and processing
While you will not be able to change the above scan settings in the Neat Scan Utility, you can adjust these settings by using the software the scanner came with to scan. Once the file is saved on your computer, you can import the file into the Neat Cloud. When you connect a non-Neat Certified scanner to the Neat Scan Utility, you will see the following messaging:

'Neat Scan image setting shortcuts are only available with scanners certified by Neat. To adjust your image settings before adding the item to Neat, click on SCAN to launch your scanners's software.'

Other non-Neat Certified scanners tested with Neat

Though the following scanner list have not been 'Neat-Certified' by a Neat developer, these scanners have been tested by other Neat users and support staff who have reported they work successfully with Neat.

  • Ambir ImageScan Pro 830ix - Windows Only
  • Brother ADS-1200 - Windows & Mac
  • Brother ADS-1250W - Windows & Mac
  • Brother ADS-1700W - Windows & Mac
  • Brother ADS-2000 - Windows & Mac
  • Brother DS-620 - Windows & Mac
  • Brother MCF-8950DW - Windows & Mac
  • Brother MFC-7360N - Windows & Mac
  • Brother MFC-9130CW - Windows & Mac
  • Canon imageCLASS MF4450 - Windows Only
  • Epson DS-510 - Windows Only
  • Epson DS-560 - Windows Only
  • Epson ES-400 - Windows Only
  • Epson ES-500W - Windows Only
  • HP Officejet Pro 8610 - Windows Only

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