Error: The API version does not match the Worker version.

After recent changes to Neat's site, you may come across items that appear to be missing images and instead display the message: An error occurred while loading the PDF.... The API version "2.2.207" does not match the Worker "2.2.212" version.

This is caused by an older cached version that still has data remaining in your browser. Please follow the simple steps below to correct the issue.

  1. With the item still open, look for the Open in new tab icon directly above the image. It will be the third icon from the right and looks like a square with an arrow pointing out of the top right corner of the square.
  2. Click the Open in new tab icon. which will open your image in another tab of your browser.
  3. Go back to the original Neat tab and refresh that tab in your browser to display your images once again.

  4. If you are still unable to view your images, clear your browser cache.

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