Bulk Edit in Neat

You can now edit multiple items at once in Neat. Do you need to set the same category for multiple receipts or set several items from unreviewed to review at one time? The bulk edit option allows you to do that and more.

How to use the Bulk Edit feature

Check out our quick video on editing items in bulk in Neat, or follow along with steps below!

  1. Prior to opening the Bulk Edit option, select the items you wish to edit by placing a check in the box for each item. You can select all items in the current grid by checking the box at the top of the left column header in the grid.
  2. Open Bulk Edit by right-clicking within the grid and selecting it from the menu.
  3. You'll be presented with a list of editable fields for the items you selected. The list will be limited by the variety of items you selected so you will get the most options if your selected items are all of the same type. In the example, all items are receipts so receipt related fields are available.
  4. Check boxes will automatically be checked when you edit a field.
  5. When ready, click Next and you'll be presented with the summary window which details the changes you are about to make. Click Next to finalize your changes or Previous to make corrections.
  6. After clicking Next, your changes will be processed.
  7. Once processed, you'll get confirmation that your items were successfully edited. Click Close to finish.

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