Suggested Transaction Matching in Neat

Please Note: You must be on an active Neat (Yearly) or Neat (Monthly) subscription in order to take advantage of the features in this article.

Check out the below lists of FAQs and How-Tos to learn all about transaction matching in Neat!

Transaction Matching FAQs

Transaction Matching How-Tos

What is suggested transaction matching?

Neat suggests potential matches for streamed transactions to the copy of your physical documents allowing you to reconcile your finances easily with transaction matching.

Does Neat automatically match my transactions?

No, Neat doesn't automatically match your transactions for you, instead it suggests matches to you based on the transaction date, amount, and vendor.

Neat searches your cabinet to locate any items that match your transaction data and then presents you with the possible matches. However, you must manually select a match in order to link the item to the transaction. If none of the suggestions are a match, then you can search your file cabinet for a match.

Can I match documents in my cabinet?

At this time, you can only match items from the transactions tab.

What types of items can I match my transactions to?

You can match any item type in Neat to your transactions.

How can I tell if a transaction is already matched?

Matched transactions, will have a picture icon in a circle like the one below under the Matched column.

Transactions with a blank space under the Image column, have not been matched. To preview your matched image, click on the picture icon.

What if none of the suggested matches are correct?

If none of the suggested matches are correct, then you can manually search for a document in your cabinet or attach an image to the transaction.

Can I match more than one transaction to one document?

Yes! You can match as many transactions as you need to, to one file in your file cabinet. The ability to match multiple files from your file cabinet to one transaction is currently not available, but it is being considered for a future release. Check out our Ideas Portal to see what we're working on!

Why is the transaction tab grayed out?

The transactions tab may be grayed out for a couple of reasons:
  • You may be logged into a shared account that you are not the owner of. If you are an invited user to an account, you will not be able to view the transactions tab of the owner's account for security purposes. In the future, Neat will have a 'user roles & permissions' feature, that will allow account owners to give their invited users access to this tab if needed.
  • The transactions features may not be available to you due to your plan type. Users who registered with Neat before October 15th, 2019 will need to upgrade their plan to gain access to the transaction features. Existing users can trial the new features first before upgrading their plan, by clicking the transactions tab and choosing Start 15 Day Trial.

Am I required to match transactions with my documents?

Matching transactions with your financial documents is not required.
However, matching transactions is highly recommended in order to reconcile your transactions. If you do not have any documentation to match your transaction, you have the option of selecting the No Document Necessary checkbox.

An optional note may be added to provide clarification. The transaction will no longer be presented with suggested matches or the option to search for or attach a matching financial document. This can be unchecked if you later decide to match a document.

How do I match a transaction?

  1. Open a transaction.

    Neat will suggest matches to you based on documents in your database that match the transaction date and amount. If there is more than one potential match, then you can click through the possible matches until you locate the correct document to match. You can see details about each item listed under the suggested match including the vendor, date, amount, and folder the document is stored in.

    If none of Neat's suggested matches fit the transaction you have, then you can manually search for a document in your cabinet or attach an image to the transaction.
  2. Once you have located the document you want to match to your transaction, click Select.
  3. Your document will then be matched to your transaction. Click Save in the transaction view to save your match.
  4. When you open that transaction you will see the matched document in the image viewer of the transaction. Below the image, you will see where the document is located in your file cabinet.
Please Note: There is no logic put in place to support which item type will be presented in which order. Also, items located in a sub-folder(s) in the trash may still show up as a suggested match.

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