Migrate from Legacy to the New Neat Experience

Welcome to Neat’s Migration Resource Center

Migrate your data from the Legacy software to the Neat web app in 4 steps!

This page will be the starting point in guiding you through moving your information out of the Legacy Desktop Software into Neat Web App .  We look forward to you getting to what matters with our new innovative product; Let’s get started!

  1. Back up the data in your Legacy software.
  2. Confirm the username associated with your Legacy software.
  3. Sync your data to Neat 2.0.
  4. Download the Neat Scan Utility.

Once you’re done downloading and installing the Neat Scan Utility, view our Neat Web App.

Note: All of your files will remain in the legacy desktop software. Your files are copied over to the cloud and the Neat Cloud rather then moved. When the migration is complete all of your files will be in the legacy software and the Neat Cloud.

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