Sharing Folders in Neat

Neat allows you to easily collaborate with others by sharing the folders in your Neat Cabinet. The recipient will have access to view and comment on the contents of the shared folder. Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about folder sharing.
Please Note: For the following, you will need to be logged in to the Neat web app.




What is folder sharing?

Folder sharing allows you to share the contents of a specific folder (and its subfolders) with another person so you can both work with the same data stored in that folder and any subfolders contained therein. The recipient will have access to view and comment on the contents of the shared folder. Recipients will have access to subfolders and contents under the shared folder. Recipients will not have access to any other folders unless you share those folders as well. Sharing folders allows you to selectively share portions of your entire Neat account without providing full access to the recipient. If you wish to share the entire Neat account with another user please see steps for Account Sharing.
Please Note: The person you share a folder with must have an active Neat subscription in order to gain access the shared folder.

How do I share a folder?

  1. To share a folder and its contents (including its subfolders), right-click the folder under My Cabinet which is located in the Organize My Files section on the left and choose Share.

  2. Then enter the email address of the person with whom you are sharing your folder and click Save.

  3. The recipient will receive a confirmation email to let them know a folder is being shared with them. They will need to click the link in the email to confirm. If they do not have a Neat account to view the shared folder, they can create a free 30-day trial account. If they cancel the Neat trial without subscribing, they will no longer have the benefits of a full Neat account and will no longer have access to the shared folder.
    Note: If you find your emails from are ending up in the recipient's spam or junk mail folder, please advise them to mark the emails from Neat as safe or "not spam" so they wil begin to appear in their regular inbox making them easier to find.

How do I see if a folder has already been shared?

Any folders that are currently shared will have a modified folder icon which will display a head and shoulders icon as seen below.

How can I verify who I shared a folder with previously?

If you’re not sure who a folder has been shared with, you can check by right-clicking that folder and selecting Share. The email address of anyone the folder has already been shared with will appear at the bottom of the window under Shares.

How do I comment on an item in a shared folder?

Comments can be viewed and added by the account owner and recipients of the shared folder. Double-click the item within the folder and click the Comments tab above the item image. This will display any previous comments along with the time they were made. To add a comment, type in the box provided below comments and click Share Your Comment to save it.

How do I revoke access to a folder once it has been shared?

If you no longer wish to continue sharing a folder you can revoke access to that folder for any or all shared recipients. To do so, right-click the shared folder and select Share. A list of emails the folder has been shared with will appear at the bottom of the window. Simply click Revoke for each email you wish to stop sharing the folder with. The recipient will immediately lose access to the shared folder.

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