Neat Scan Utility - Sending Multiple Items to Neat

When using the Neat Scan Utility for desktop, there is no need to send items to the cloud one by one. Read on to learn how to send multiple items to Neat’s cloud service at one time.




How do I choose my file destination?

In order to select the destination that your items will be going to, you will select the drop down box labeled File Destination. Then click on Neat so that your items will be sent to your Neat account.

How do I select multiple items to send to Neat?

If you wish to select all available images at once, click the Select All icon. Otherwise, if you wish to select only some of the available images, hold down the Ctrl button on your computer as you click each page to be included in the upload to Neat. Don’t release the Ctrl button until all pages have been selected. You will see a blue outline around the selected pages indicating they have been selected.

How do I change the item type?

In order to select the type of item you will be sending, you will select the drop down box labeled Item Type. Here you will see multiple items that you can choose from.

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