Mobile Reconciliation Experience

Along with Neat's new reconciliation experience in the web app, the Neat mobile app also provides fast and convenient reconciliation on-the-go to simplify your bookkeeping. We made it easy to see transactions and/or accounts that need to be reconciled in a single view and take simple actions to reconcile them in the mobile app. You can now reconcile your accounts and transactions anywhere whether you're in line, waiting for an appointment, or just have a spare moment you want to use productively.

Check out our FAQs and How-Tos below to get started with the mobile reconciliation experience.

Reconciliation FAQs

Getting Started

What is reconciliation?

Reconciliation is the process of ensuring that two sets of records match. It is used to make sure that the amount of money leaving an account matches the amount of money that was actually spent. This is done by making sure the account balances match at the end of an accounting period.

In Neat, this is accomplished by streaming your financial account transactions into Neat, capturing the physical record of the transaction through mobile upload or import, then matching the streamed transaction to the physical record to mark a transaction as reconciled. Once all transactions for each account are marked as reconciled for a period, the period would be considered reconciled.

What are the mobile reconciliation feature requirements?

Where can I learn more about the reconciliation experience in the Neat web app?

See this page for details on setting up and using reconciliation features in the Neat web app.

How do I install the Neat Mobile App?

Go to your iOS or Android store and seach for Neat. Select the Neat Invoicing and Bookkeeping App. This is currently version 1.0.22. Text "Get Neat" to 267-367-NEAT (6328) to receive our mobile download link.

How do I view transactions that can be reconciled?

From the Home Screen toggle to Bookkeeping and select Transactions.

How do I reconcile in the mobile app?

After meeting the requirements above, you're ready to start reconciling your accounts and transactions.

In order to mark a transaction as reconciled, you must make sure the transaction meets the reconciliation requirements. There are 2 requirements before a transaction can be reconciled:

  1. The transaction must have a matched supporting document or be marked as No Document Necessary.
  2. Both the vendor and category field must be filled in and verified that they are correct.

To reconcile a transaction via the Neat Mobile app:

  1. Press the Reconcile button at the bottom of the app. Then tap Start Reconciling near the bottom.
  2. First, match your transactions with supporting documents in your Neat Cabinet. There are a few methods for matching your transactions:
    • Select a suggested match (if prompted by Neat).

      Swipe left to view all suggested matching documents. Press Select As Match when you see the corresponding document.
    • Search your Cabinet for matching items. Tap the Search Neat for a match search bar to find the item in your Cabinet.
    • Capture a Match by taking a photo of a supporting document to match with your transaction. Press Capture A Match to take a picture of your supporting document.
    • Mark the transaction as No Document Necessary
  3. Once both requirements have been met, you will see that each of the requirement boxes show the green check mark and a new green Mark As Reconciled button.

    Click the Mark as Reconciled button to mark the transaction as reconciled.
  4. You've now successfully reconciled an item! As simple as that, you're ready to move on to the next item.

Can I add a receipt or other financial document while matching?

If a match is not suggested to you or the suggested match is not correct, you can swipe left to see more suggested matches. Search your cabinet for the correct item, or use the Capture A Match button to take a picture of a supporting document for that transaction.

How do I know a transaction was reconciled?

When you have matched a transaction with the corresponding record from your Cabinet, you will see a large checkmark confirming your item has been matched and, therefore, reconciled. When viewing transactions, you'll be able to tell a transaction was already reconciled by the badge that appears on reconciled items.

How do I know when I am done reconciling all available items in the mobile app?

Once you have reconciled all transactions with available matches in the mobile app, you will see the message You have 0 transactions with possible Matches. You can check to check for any remaining transactions or close accounts that are completely reconciled.

How do I unreconcile a transaction?

  1. To unreconcile a transaction, locate a transaction that has been reconciled by clicking More at the bottom right-hand corner of the app, and then choose transactions.

    Reconciled items show a green check mark next to the transaction.
  2. Open the transaction and click the pencil icon, which is the edit button.
  3. Click Mark as Unreconciled to unreconcile the transaction.

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