Neat Smart Organization System - Revoking Shared Folders

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When you share a folder in Neat, the recipient will have access to view and comment on the contents of the folder. If you need to remove access to a shared folder, follow the steps below.

Revoking access to a shared folder

  1. In the Folders pane, right-click on the folder you shared previously, then click Share Folder.
    nla access shared folder
  2. A Share Folder box will open. At the bottom of the shared folder window, you will see which email addresses you previously shared the folder with.
    nla revoke shared folder
  3. To remove a specific email, click the X icon to the right of the email, then click Revoke and close the Share Folder window.
    nla revoke single sharee
  4. To remove all emails in one step, click the Revoke All link, and then click Revoke and close the Share Folder window.
    nla revoke all sharee
  5. As a side note, if you removed all emails you shared the folder with, the folder icon will change back to the default without the share icon.
    nla no longer shared folder

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