Improving Image Quality on Neat Scanners

Your Neat scanner may occasionally produce images with dark vertical lines or a grayish background. While there may be a problem with the scanner itself, these are typically easy to resolve by cleaning or calibrating your Neat brand scanner.

This example shows vertical lines through a scanned image:

This example shows a spotty background as well as multiple vertical lines:

The vertical lines suggest your scanner may be in need of cleaning.

The gray background is normally resolved by calibrating your Neat scanner.

  • You can clean or calibrate your Neat scanner using the Neat Scan Utility.
  • You may need to calibrate your your scanner up to five times in some cases.
  • If you have the NeatConnect scanner, you can follow the steps in the link above or you can clean and calibrate from the Maintenance section of the built-in Settings Menu.
  • Additionally, you can manually clean your NeatDesk or NeatConnect scanner following the steps detailed here.

If you continue to see vertical lines or a grayish background, there may be a defect with the scanner. You may try moving the cable to a different port on you computer or try a different usb cable to test the scanner quality.

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