Connect Multiple Neat Accounts to One QuickBooks Desktop Token in Neat

The steps below are for Neat account holders with multiple Neat accounts connected to QuickBooks Desktop with multiple connection tokens.

If you connected multiple Neat accounts to QuickBooks Desktop prior to February 27, 2019 you would have a different connection token assigned to each Neat account.

This article will walk you through how to share one QuickBooks connection token with several Neat accounts eliminating the need to switch tokens in the Neat Sync Manager when switching between Neat accounts to send data to QuickBooks Desktop.

For best results in switching between accounts and to preserve your mappings between Neat and QuickBooks, you will need to have an active QuickBooks Desktop Integration plan for each QuickBooks company file you will be connecting to Neat.



How do I view the current connection token on an account?

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click on your name in the top right and select Integrations from the drop-down list.
  3. Locate the QuickBooks Desktop tile.
  4. Look at the QuickBooks Desktop tile. If you are currently connected to QuickBooks Desktop it will display Disconnect in the tile. You must disconnect the account to view the current token. Simply clicking the word Disconnect in the tile will automatically disconnect you from the current company file. You will not lose your mappings by disconnecting. Note: Be aware that you will lose your mappings if you Delete the company file from the pop-up window but not if you simply Disconnect.
  5. Click Connect in the QuickBooks Desktop tile to open the connection pop up window. Your current QBD Sync Manager Token will be displayed in the pop-up window along with any QBD company files you have already connected to Neat. You can reconnect to the same company file by checking the box next to the company file and then clicking Connect.


How do I set my accounts to share a single QuickBooks Desktop connection token?

If you connected your Neat accounts to QuickBooks Desktop after February 26, 2019, your connections should already be using a single token. If you connected your accounts prior to February 27, 2019, follow the steps below to set one token to be shared among all your Neat accounts connected to QuickBooks Desktop. This eliminates the need to keep track of several tokens for different accounts.
  1. Open the Neat Sync Manager.
  2. Click Edit. You will be disconnected while in edit mode.
  3. Right-click and copy the token.
  4. Click Save. The Neat Sync Manager will automatically reconnect.
  5. In Neat, go to Integrations from the dropdown list as shown here.
  6. Disconnect in the QuickBooks Desktop tile if that option is available.
  7. Click the QuickBooks Desktop tile to open it and view the QBD Sync Manager token.
  8. If the token does not match the token from the Neat Sync Manager, then click Edit to remove the current token and paste the token from the Neat Sync Manager.
  9. Click Save to apply the new token. Note: Clicking Cancel will close the connections popup and leave the token unchanged.
  10. Once the new token is applied, you can now reconnect to QBD by selecting the company file and clicking Reconnect.

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