Emailing Items from Neat

Neat makes it quick and easy to email your item(s) to any email address you choose.
Please Note: For the following you will need to be logged in to the Neat web app.


Neat Tip: If you find your emails are ending up in the recipient's spam or junk mail folder, please advise them to mark the emails from Neat as safe or "not spam" so they wil begin to appear in their regular inbox making them easier to find.


How do I email an item from Neat?

  1. Locate the item you would like to send in an email. Right click on the item and select Email.

  2. Once Email is selected, a pop-up box wil appear. Here you will have the option to insert the email address, edit the subject line and message of the email you are sending.

  3. Select Email Item to send your email to the appropriate party. Once complete, you will receive a success message.


How many items can I email at once?

You are able to email multiple items at once. To do so, you will click the check box next to the items that yu would like emailed and then choose SEND TO at the bottom right.


How long will it take for someone to receive my item that I emailed?

The emailing process is dependent on the recipient’s mail server receiving the email. In most cases, it is instantaneous but it may take up to 30 minutes.

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