Neat Smart Organization System - Map Data to QuickBooks Desktop

Please Note: Neat Web App now has ALL of the desktop features, and so much more! You can continue to use this desktop application, however, all new features, improvements, and updates will occur in our Neat web application. Click here to learn more!

Learn how to map data between your Neat and QuickBooks Desktop account with a connection in the Neat Software (Complete Plans include one QBD connection). If you haven’t yet connected your QuickBooks account, click here for instructions. If you have already set up your QuickBooks connection and mapped your information in Neat, click here for exporting instructions.



Mapping QuickBooks information in Neat

  1. Once your QuickBooks and Neat accounts are connected the Accounting tab should then be visible. Click on the Accounting tab to view your mapping information.

    nla accounting tab
  2. At the top left you can choose information such as how to reimburse employees and your default reimbursement account. Under the Lists section you can edit the mapping information for each section: Vendor, Category, Payment and Employee.

    nla mapping1
  3. Please Note: It may take longer to load your QuickBooks lists. Once the lists are loaded, you will be able to click through them quickly.
  4. To start mapping, select Vendor, Category, Payment or Employee, then select one or more of the listed options and click the Map button.

    nla mapping2
  5. A dialogue box will display and you can select or search for the QuickBooks option you want to map to the option you selected from Neat.

    nla mapping3
  6. Complete the mapping for each item until all the options are mapped.

    nla mapping4
  7. If you need to change or remove a mapping, hover your mouse to the right edge of the listing and click the pencil icon to change the mapping, or the X icon to delete the mapping.

    nla mapping5
  8. Once mapping is completed, you can start exporting to QuickBooks Desktop.

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