Import PDFs into the Neat Smart Organization System

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Learn how to import a PDF file into the Neat Smart Organization System. Neat allows you to import PDF files that can easily be sent to others through email or imported into other programs. Follow the steps below to start your first PDF import.

Import a PDF

  1. Click on the down arrow next to the Scan button, and then click Import Files.
    Neat Lightweight App Import a PDF - step 1
  2. An Import window will open. In the Import window, click Browse, navigate to the PDF file you would like to import and then click Open. To import multiple images at once, hold down the Ctrl key and select the image files you want to import, then click Open.
    Neat Lightweight App Import a PDF - step 2
  3. The PDF file you selected should appear in the Import window. In the Import window, you can Browse and add additional PDF files to the import, modify the folder Location that the imported files will be placed in, change the Item Type, and choose whether to use NeatVerify on the imported items. When you are finished modifying your import options, click Import.
    Neat Lightweight App Import a PDF - step 3
  4. The Import window will close. Neat will display a Processing message until the import has been completed. The file will appear in the location you selected in Step 3.
    Neat Lightweight App Drag and drop a file into the app - step 5

  Alternatively, you can also import images by dragging and dropping images into the Neat Smart Organization System.

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