Transaction Streaming Connection Errors

You may run into temporary connection errors while adding financial institutions to your Neat account.

Here are some potential causes and recommendations:

  • You may be experiencing an error connecting a specific account. Try the preliminary steps below or check the known errors listed.
  • There may be a temporary connection issue specific to your financial institution which will take a bit longer to resolve. Try logging into your account on your financial institution's website. If there is a problem logging in, the site is undergoing maintenance, or you receive a status message alerting you to a temporary issue accessing the site then the issue is occurring on that end of the connection. Please see known errors below for current issues with specific financial institutions.
  • Your financial institution may have recently changed some online features or redesigned the process of how your information is viewed and accessed.

See below for assistance in resolving these connection errors.

Preliminary steps to resolve a connection error:

  1. Retry the connection making sure your login username and password are entered correctly and you don't have Caps Lock on or added a space after your password accidentally.
  2. Try clearing your browser's cache / cookies or using incognito or private mode to sign into Neat and retry your connection.
  3. If your financial institution has multiple listings when you look it up in Neat, make sure you are selecting the right listing for your account. Similarly, if you have multiple login credentials for accounts with the same financial institution be sure you are using the correct credentials for that account.
  4. As mentioned above, you may need to log into your financial institution's website to make sure your login credentials are up to date and there are no issues such as site maintenance. If you are unable to log in, you may need to reset your credentials for that particular account. Please see known errors below for current issues with specific financial institutions.

Known Errors and Suggested Steps

Neat's transaction streaming feature is handled by Yodlee, a secure, trusted provider who works with over 10,000 financial institutions that you can connect to Neat. With so many institutions connecting through Yodlee there may at times be a temporary disruption but rest assured connection issues will be resolved as quickly as possible.

CARES Act Update - April 17, 2020

Yodlee has notified Neat that several connections to financial institutions are suffering from intermittent access and are experiencing high online traffic volumes, leading to delayed transaction updates. This appears to be related to disbursements associated with the CARES Act Stimulus checks.

Yodlee is working to alleviate the impact of this high volume of data traffic as much as possible. We ask for your patience while this is resolved. As CARES Act Stimulus checks are deposited and made available, the log-in volume should trail off to a more manageable level.

Below are some financial institutions that Yodlee reports are currently experiencing errors. If you are having trouble connecting to one of the following, please try again later after known issues have been resolved.

Transaction Accounts May Appear Stuck Refreshing

Date Posted: Septemeber 13, 2021
Impact: Limited Impact - Only some Neat users who have connected Transactions for streaming
Status: Resolvable
Issue Description: Due to improvement updates, some accounts may appear to be stuck processing, for instance at 25% or 50%, but not appearing to complete updating transactions.
While it appears to be stuck, transactions are actually updating in the background. To resolve this, click on the account that is still refreshing. It may display a green banner showing "Refreshing Transactions..." or a red banner showing "Additional Authentication Required". You'll be prompted to re-enter your credentials for the account. Once complete, the account will refresh as normal.

Transaction Streaming - JP Morgan Chase Update

Date Posted: March 16, 2021
Impact: Limited Impact - Only users who have connected a JPMC account to Neat for transaction streaming
Status: Update to be rolled out Mid-March 2021

Description: Starting Mid-March 2021, JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) will begin rolling out a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) update. A MFA prompt adds another layer of security to your account by requiring multiple credentials to authenticate your identity.

The update will enforce a MFA prompt to customers who have a JPMC account connected to Neat for transaction streaming. In order to continue to stream data from a JPMC account uninterrupted, you will have to successfully respond to the MFA prompt when it arises.

We ask that you update your JPMC contact information, monitor your JPMC account status, and take the required actions to maintain your account connection when you are prompted with the MFA.


Important Yodlee Update Regarding Citibank Site Consolidation

Reported: March 18, 2020
Citibank currently uses two different URLs linked to two separate Site Ids
  • URL-
  • URL-
As part of on-going data improvement initiatives, we have identified that the accounts shown under both these URLs are one & the same. Therefore, we have combined all existing containers (Bank, Credit Card, Investment, Loan, Billpay, Mortgage) under a single URL-

Citibank customers may need to reconnect or re-enter their citibank credentials in Neat.

Below are some errors you may encounter when connecting your financial accounts to Neat as well as suggestions for each error.

  • Unexpected Site Error
    If you receive an unexpected site error, there is currently a problem connecting to the financial institution's site. We recommend retrying that connection at a later time.

  • Technical Error
    For a technical error, there is an issue connecting to the financial institution's site. We recommend retrying that connection at a later time.

  • Site not supported
    In this case, you have the option to manually add all the account information requested in order to connect your account. Another option is to add the account by selecting the issuing bank instead of the company from whom you received the card.

  • Locked Out

    Your financial institution has detected multiple attempts to sign into the account and as a security precaution is preventing you from signing in through Neat. You'll need to sign into your financial institution's website to confirm your sign in credentials are up to date and possibly reset them to allow you to log in from Neat. Otherwise, contact your financial institution for assistance with accessing your account online before retrying the connection from Neat.

  • Unable to retrieve your account information (on a previously connected account)

    Select Click Here to address this error. You'll be presented with the Edit Credentials window. Provide your current login information or answers to your security questions as requested. Once complete, you'll be successfully connected to your account.

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