Image Management & Printing in Neat

Learn how to edit and manage your images in Neat!

Please Note: For the following you will need to be logged in to the Neat web app.  

How do I rotate an image?

  1. Locate an item with an image you want to edit and click on the item to view the image.
  2. To rotate, click the rotate left or rotate right button above the image.
Please Note: Changes made to the image are saved automatically. When done editing, close the item and any chages you made will be saved.

How do I select text from an image and copy it?

  1. In the item view, click the cursor icon.
  2. With the cursor, highlight any text you want to copy. In this example we can see the text is highlighted in purple.
  3. Right-click and choose Copy. Or:
    • Windows: Hit 'Ctrl+C' on the keyboard.
    • Mac: Hit 'Command+C' on the keyboard.
  4. Paste the copied test into category fields, or onto your computer. In this example, the copied text was pasted to the Notes field.

How do I zoom in on an image?

Option 1

  1. In the item view, click either the '-' sign or '+' to zoom in or our of an image.
  2. Use the hand tool, to drag the zoomed image around.

Option 2

Alternatively, you can click the Automatic Zoom button to adjust to a predetermined zoom % or setting.

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