Cancel Neat Cloud Subscription

We'd love it if you'd reconsider all the great features Neat cloud has to offer!

  • InDocument Identification - Use our ID2 technology to eliminate manual data entry.
  • Access Your Data - Use your Neat files from virtually anywhere.
  • Secure - Neat protects your files with the same encryption standard used by banks to secure customer data.
  • Mobile Capture - Capture receipts, business cards, and documents with the snap of a picture.
  • Transaction Streaming - Connect to over 10,000 financial institutions and stream transactions into Neat real time using transaction streaming! Your financial transactions will stream to Neat allowing you to manage all your financial data in one place.
  • Reconciliation - The process of ensuring that two sets of records match. It is used to make sure that the amount of money leaving an account matches the amount of money that was actually spent. This is done by making sure the account balances match at the end of an accounting period.
  • Ideas Portal - You can share your ideas on how to enhance the mobile experience and web application experience with us on the Neat Ideas Portal.

If you still wish to cancel, you can log in to your account online and follow the steps below to cancel your Neat subscription.

  1. Open your Neat software or login into the Neat Cloud site.  
Please Note: If you activated your Neat Cloud with a PIN code you will not be able to access the billing portal as we do not have any of your billing information. You will, instead, be redirected to

  1. Once logged in, click on your name or the downward facing arrow and select Billing
  2. You will be redirected to the Neat Self Service Portal. Select Manage subscriptions from the menu on the left.
  1. This will show your current Neat cloud subscription and provide you with a Do not renew button. To cancel, click Do not renew.
Please Note: If you do not see any orders listed or the Do not renew button this could be for two reasons:
  • You signed up for a free trial of Neat cloud without a credit card. In this case you do not need to cancel, the subscription will expire on it's own.
  • You may be logged in under a different email. If you have another email address, try logging in under that email in case you setup the order there.   

The cancellation process may take 30 seconds to one minute to complete. Please wait until you are directed back to your subscription plan and verify it says ‘Cancelled’

Please Note: If your bill is due today, the current payment due may still be deducted from your bank account. You can reorder Neat cloud at any time here.  

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