Neat Smart Organization System - Scan Directly to your Computer Hard Drive

Please Note: Neat Web App now has ALL of the desktop features, and so much more! You can continue to use this desktop application, however, all new features, improvements, and updates will occur in our Neat web application. Click here to learn more!

Scan Directly to your Computer Hard Drive

  1. Click the Scan button.
  2. A Neat Scan window will open. Click the small down arrow next to Save To Neat and select Save to Computer.
    Please note: The default scan destination is set to Save to Neat.
  3. You can click the Change button to select where you want to save your item within your computer’s hard drive. Enter the name of the file in the text box where it says Enter file name… This is the name your file will be saved as.
  4. You can click the PDF dropdown if you want to save the scan in another format.
  5. Click Scan when you are ready to scan your item. Now when you scan items, they will be saved on your computer’s hard drive in the location you chose, with the name you entered.
Please note: When you scan and Save To Computer, Neat will not parse the item for details. You will be able to view the scanned image, but you will have to fill in the item details manually.

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