Mac OS 10.15 Catalina

Since the release of the new Mac OS Catalina Beta in June, Neat has been testing its current products and drivers with Catalina to identify and promptly resolve any potential issues caused by the new environment.

As of 10/11/2019, Neat is happy to say that there are currently no compatibility issues with current Neat products in the new Catalina OS. However, we have received some reports that even though there is no issue with scanning, some users still get an error message during scanning stating 'Failed to open a session on the device'.

This error is from your MacOS, not from Neat. It does not prevent you from scanning.

Please Note: Catalina has only been tested with supported Neat products and services. Older retired Neat products have not been tested with Catalina and are not supported.

We highly recommend that you do not upgrade to Catalina if you are using a retired Neat product. Retired Neat products are not compatible with Catalina and will cause the retired application to stop working completely.

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