Export to CSV in the Neat Smart Organization System

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Learn how to export a .CSV spreadsheet in the Neat Smart Organization System.

Export to CSV

  1. In the Folders pane, click on the folder that contains the file you want to export.
    Neat Lightweight App Export to PDF - Step 1
  2. In the Details View pane, select the items you want to export. A menu will appear above the items.
    save to2
  3. In the menu, click the small down arrow next to the Save To button and select CSV in the drop-down menu.
  4. A Save As window will open. Browse to the location you want the export to be saved in, enter a File Name, then click Save.
    Neat Lightweight App Export to PDF - Step 4
      The exported .CSV file will appear in the location you selected in Step 4.

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