Neat Smart Organization System - Adding Multiple Quickbooks Desktop Connections

Please Note: Neat Web App now has ALL of the desktop features, and so much more! You can continue to use this desktop application, however, all new features, improvements, and updates will occur in our Neat web application. Click here to learn more!

Neat Cloud Business customers can connect more than one QuickBooks Desktop account to their Neat desktop software with the purchase of the QBD for Business plan.


Before you Begin

  • You must have Quickbooks (Desktop) Pro, Premier and Enterprise, 2009 and forward for Windows.
  • Quickbooks Desktop must be installed on a Windows computer.
  • You must be logged into your Quickbooks Desktop account as an administrator.
  • Quickbooks must be open to the Company that you wish to connect Neat to.
  • You must install the Neat Sync Manager onto the same computer that has Quickbooks Desktop installed on it.
Please Note: These steps are for Windows QuickBooks versions ONLY. However, once the connection has been made (using a Windows computer), Mac users can use their Neat software to map and export data to QuickBooks Desktop.

Connect another QuickBooks desktop account to Neat

  1. Click on your name at the top right hand corner of the software and choose My Account.

  2. Locate the Connections tab to see your current connections.

  3. Please Note: In order to add a new QuickBooks Desktop connection to Neat, you will need to temporarily disconnect your currently connected account. Don’t worry! Neat saves all of your settings and mappings, once the new account is added, you will be able to easily switch between accounts.
  4. Click Disconnect to disconnect your currently connected QuickBooks desktop account.

  5. Then select Connect to add a new account to Neat.

  6. A new window will pop up and will list any saved connections. Click Connect to New Company to add another QuickBooks Desktop account to Neat.

  7. In the connections wizard, make sure you meet the listed requirements and click Continue.

  8. You should already have the Neat Sync Manager Application installed from when you set up your first QuickBooks Desktop connection. To open it, click on your start button and search for the Neat Sync Manager application. Or, open your doc from the windows task bar, right click on the Neat icon, and choose Configure.

  9. Once the Neat Sync Manager is open, as long as you’ve previously configured your token code, then you skip the token configuration steps and click Continue.
    Please Note: If you do not have the Neat Sync Manager installed, then you will need to download and configure your token code before you can move forward.

  10. Open the QuickBooks desktop company file you want to connect Neat to, then click Continue.

  11. Switch back to your QuickBooks Desktop software to view the QuickBooks Application Certificate. Place a mark in Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running. Then choose Continue.

  12. On the Access Confirmation window choose Done.

  13. Switch back to your Neat software and click Continue.

  14. Congratulations! You have now successfully added an additional QuickBooks desktop account to Neat. Click Finished to finalize the connection.

Now that your Neat software is connected to QuickBooks desktop, you will need to map your Neat data to your QuickBooks account.

To learn how to switch between your connected QuickBooks desktop accounts, click here.

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