Cash on Hand

The Cash on Hand feature provides a Cash on Hand account within Neat that allows you to record any and all cash transactions. You can create and delete both credit and debit transactions. In order to use the Cash on Hand feature, your Neat account must be on a Complete plan with at least one connected financial account in Transactions

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What is Cash on Hand?

Cash on Hand, also known as Petty Cash, reflects any cash readily available for immediate needs or small transactions. Since it is cash, it can be recorded and managed using the Cash on Hand feature in Neat. This feature adds an account named Cash on Hand and allows you to manually create credit or debit cash transactions that can be tracked in Neat.

How do I create a Cash transaction?

  1. From the top right click + Add Item.
  2. Select Create New.
  3. Click Cash. A new transaction will open.
  4. Set Transaction Type to Debit or Credit.
  5. Enter the date and amount of the cash transaction.
  6. Complete remaining fields as desired.
  7. Create at least one line item. This is required.
    • Add the amount for the line item.
    • Enter a category. Each line item must have a category value and may not be left with a blank category.
    • The sum of all line items must match the total amount.
    • Click Save/Return. Line itemization has its own Save/Return button under ITEMIZATION > EDIT/VIEW that must be used before saving the entire cash transaction. This applies both when creating or editing a line item.

  8. To finalize the entire transaction click Save in the bottom left.

How do I delete a Cash transaction?

A cash transaction can be deleted by double-clicking the transaction to view details. Click the Delete button at the bottom. Then click Delete again in the confirmation window to permanently remove the cash transaction.

Is there a limit to the number of cash transactions I can create?

There is no limit to the amount of cash transactions you can create.

What can I do with Cash transactions?

Cash transactions can be:

  • Included in reports
  • Matched to a source document
  • Managed within the upcoming Reconciliation feature
  • Sent to integrated accounting software

Can I match my Cabinet items to a cash transaction?

Yes! When you open your cash transactions, the Item Image section on the right will allow you to match a document for the cash transaction. You can:
  • Choose a suggested match
  • Use the Attach Image option to upload an image file (PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, or BMP)
  • Search Neat for an existing document
  • Select No Document Necessary (in the lower right) if you decide not to add a supporting document

Can I itemize cash transactions?

Yes. In fact, it is required to have at least one line item. All line items must have a category value and may not be left with a blank category. The sum of all line items must equal the total amount of the cash transaction. For more information, see our Transaction Itemization FAQ.

Can I create reports with cash transactions?

Yes, you can! Cash transactions have all the same reporting options as any transactions in Neat. For detailed steps please see Reporting in the Transaction Grid.

Can I send cash transactions to QuickBooks?

Yes. Once the transaction details have been saved you can click Send To from the bottom and select your version of Quickbooks. For details on connecting and using QuickBooks with Neat see our QuickBooks support page.

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