Transactions in the Neat Mobile App

You can now view and work with streamed transactions in the Neat Mobile App. A Complete plan is required to access streaming transactions from your bank, credit card, or financial institution.

In order to view transactions from the mobile app, they first need to be set up online at Follow the steps linked here to add an account. Once you've confirmed you have transactions in Neat you can view them from the companion Mobile app as well.

Mobile Transaction FAQs

Accessing Transactions in the Neat Mobile App

  1. From the Home Screen toggle to Bookkeeping and select Accounts & Transactions.

  2. Neat provides you with several ways to filter and view your transations.

    • Click View All Transactions to view all transactions from all connected accounts.
    • Use the All Accounts dropdown to filter to a specifc type of connected account.
    • Click on any of the types of accounts in the middle to see your details about your connected account.

Refreshing Transactions in the Neat Mobile App

  1. You can refresh your connected account transactions simply by pulling down the screen to refresh your tranactions or click on the three dots [...] in the top right corner of the accounts page.

  2. Click Refresh Accounts.

  3. Filtering Transactions by Date

    Tip: When viewing transactions, make sure the date range covers the transactions streamed to your Neat account. If you don't see any data, check your filters and the date range selected.
    1. You can select a new date range by tapping the Date bar across the top.

    2. Set your new start and end date in the calendar window, press OK, then press Save. Your transactions will be refreshed to reflect the new date range.

    Filtering Transactions by Categories

    Tap the Filter dropdown to narrow the results further by Reviewed, Vendor, or Category.

    Reviewed gives you the option to view only reviewed transactions or unreviewed transactions. Press Clear to view both or to reset your selection. Press X to set your selection.

    Vendor allows you to select one or multiple vendors to view. A check mark will appear on the right for each vendor you select. Press X to set your selection.

    Category allows you to filter your transactions by your chart of accounts cateogries.

    Editing Transactions in the Neat Mobile App

    To edit details for a specific transaction, tap the row for that transaction and then press the pencil icon on the right. You cannot edit the date or amount but can edit the Vendor Name and Description.

    Rename your Accounts in the Neat Mobile App

    1. Give your accounts a nick name by opening the account you want to rename and clicking the three dots [...] in the top right corner of the account.

    2. Click Account Nickname in the pop-up to rename your account.

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