Scan with ScanSnap Scanners to Neat

Scan to Neat with a ScanSnap Scanner!

Did you know you can use a ScanSnap scanner to send files to Neat? It's true! Our newest integration with ScanSnap allows you to use your ScanSnap to send your scans directly into Neat! This integration streamlines your workflow by seamlessly connecting your ScanSnap scanner with the Neat software, enabling you to effortlessly organize and manage your scanned documents. With this feature, you can simply scan your documents using your ScanSnap device, and they will be automatically sent to Neat for further processing, categorization, and storage. Say goodbye to manual file transfers and enjoy the convenience of a seamless scanning experience with ScanSnap and Neat!

Supported ScanSnap Models

Setting up a ScanSnap Scanner to Scan to Neat

  1. First, you must go through the initial installation and setup process of your ScanSnap scanner and ScanSnap Home software. Please refer to your scanner's getting started guide to complete its setup.
  2. In ScanSnap Home, toggle to ScanSnap Cloud.

  3. If you haven't done so already, login to your ScanSnap Cloud account or create a free one.

  4. Next, you must add Neat as a destination/profile to your ScanSnap scanner. Click Scan to get started.

  5. Select Scan to Cloud from the profile list.

  6. Click the Edit button to edit your Scan to Cloud profile.

  7. Next to Service Name click Selecting...

  8. Select Neat as your cloud storage service.

  9. Sign into your Neat account.
  10. Confirm that you want to share scans with Neat by clicking Allow.

  11. Next you will be redirected back to ScanSnap Home. Click Open ScanSnap Home.

  12. Lastly, finish setting up your scanning/profile settings. This allows you to set up Neat as the destination for one or more types of files.
    • Change the name of your profile to Scan to Neat if you would like.
    • Change the scan settings of the other types of documents; Business Cards, Receipts, Photos

  13. Click Save when you are done.
  14. Now when you Scan to Cloud or Scan to Neat your documents will be sent to Neat

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