Fujitsu Scanners

Thank you for choosing ScanSnap Scanners with Neat Premium Software.

For technical assistance with your ScanSnap scanner, please call our US-based Technical Assistance Center toll-free at 800.626.4686.

Next Steps

  1. Activate your Neat-Fujitsu PIN
    • Your PIN activates a 1-year Neat Cloud plan on your Neat account.
  2. Install ScanSnap Home
    • In order to use a ScanSnap scanner with Neat, you need to download and install ScanSnap Home. ScanSnap Home allows you to connect your ScanSnap scanner to Neat and must be used whenever you want to send an item to Neat.
      Please Note: ScanSnap Home has replaced ScanSnap Manager. If you are currently using ScanSnap Manager in conjuction with Neat for scanning, then you will need to uninstall ScanSnap Manager and install ScanSnap Home.
  3. Configure Connection Between ScanSnap Home & Neat

Now you can access your files from everywhere!

Neat keeps your files synced in the cloud and across your devices. Access your most up-to date information on multiple computers, your mobile devices, or with any web browser.

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