​Neat Mobile App Sharing Your Mobile Device Screen via ScreenLeap

Sharing Your Mobile Device Screen via ScreenLeap

As we continue to enhance and improve the Neat Mobile App, there may be occasions where you encounter an issue in the app that is easier to demonstrate than describe. The Mobile App, ScreenLeap, allows you to share your mobile device’s screen to show exactly what you are seeing on your device including what you see in the Neat app.

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When working with a Neat technical support agent you may be asked if you are willing to share your iOS or Android device screen in order to show exactly what is occurring when you use the Neat app.

If you agree to share your device screen please be aware you may incur data usage on your plan and may wish to share your screen at a later time when you can connect via Wi-Fi. For diagnostics and troubleshooting purposes only, your screen may be recorded.

Please follow the steps below to share your screen using the free ScreenLeap app. The ScreenLeap app is free. Depending on your mobile device plan, you may incur data usage charges while sharing your screen via ScreenLeap if you are not using Wi-Fi.
Please Note: You will need to be able to send and receive emails from the email address used for your Neat support case in order to successfully share your screen. Your support representative will be sending you an email that you can reply to with the share link provided by ScreenLeap.

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