​Neat Mobile App Create Expense Reports in the Neat Mobile App

Create Expense Reports in the Neat Mobile App

Learn how to create expense reports on-the-go with the Neat Mobile App. Follow the steps below.

Please Note: Within the Mobile App, the only report type available is expense reports. For other report types (e.g. Tax Category, Spending Summary, Sales Tax, etc.) please use the Neat Web App.
  1. From the Mobile App home screen, tap the left arrow to reveal the full menu.
  2. Under File Cabinet, tap My Cabinet.
  3. Select the folder or multiple items within a folder that you wish to run a report on and select the Expense Report button at the bottom of your screen.
  4. The Expense Report menu will allow you to:
    • Select the folder the report will be created in by tapping the Create In... drop-down menu, and choosing the destination folder.
    • Type in an Expense Report Name
    • Type in an optional Description.
  5. Tap Done and you will receive a message letting you know the report is being processed and will be available in the folder which you created the report in.
  6. Once the report is finished you will receive a notification and can then view and email the item as a PDF.

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