Volume Billing FAQs

Please Note: This FAQ mainly addresses questions for Neat users who subscribed prior to Oct. 16th 2019. However, the information provided can be useful for all users - new and existing.

What are volume-based plans?

Volume-based plans make pricing simple! Choose a plan based on the number of receipts, bills, invoices, and statements you want to add to Neat during your plan period.
For more information, see our plans and pricing page.


What is a financial document?

The following Neat file types are considered a financial document and impact your document upload limit per your plan period.

  • Receipts
  • Bills
  • Invoices
  • Statements


How many non-financial documents can I upload a month?

Non-financial documents include checks, recipes, business cards, and mileage items. There is NO limit on non-financial documents! You can upload as many non-financial documents as you’d like per plan period.


Does my unused document count rollover?

Unused items leftover in your plan do not roll over to the next month or year. The limit (based on your selected volume) will reset at the beginning of each billing month or year.


What if I exceed my document allowance?

If you are on a monthly plan, you will be billed .50 cents for each financial document over your limit (up to the next tier amount). Once you hit the next tier amount, which is different for each plan, you will need to upgrade to that or a higher tier to continue adding documents. For annual plans, there are no overages. Once you hit your financial document limit, you will need to renew your plan or switch to a monthly plan. You can go back to an annual plan at any time.


Do I have to change my plan to a new Neat volume-based plan?

We’re pleased to inform you that you do not need to change your plan. If you’ve been on a plan, before 10/16/19 - you are grandfathered into that plan and may remain on the plan as long as you’d like. However, you’ll be missing out on all the new transaction features that come with the volume-based plans (and so much more to come!)


What features are included in these plans?

Volume-based plans include all of our current features with unlimited Neat Verify for all eligible items and introduce our new transactions features including:

  • Transaction Streaming: The ability to securely connect your bank, credit card, and other financial accounts to view and track all your transactions in Neat.
  • Transaction Matching: Match your transactions with which your receipts, invoices, and other financial documents stored in Neat.
  • Line Itemization: Split, add and edit line items to any matched transaction. This is especially helpful when you have a receipt with items that fit into multiple expense categories.
  • Reconciliation: After reviewed and matched, mark your transaction as reconciled to help you easily balance your books.
  • Unlimited Verification: Items sent to Neat will be "read" and data will be parsed into fields within Neat. Like our old NeatVerify feature it ensures 99% parsing accuracy for 100% of your receipts, invoices, bills, statements, and contacts.


Can I trial the new features?

Certainly! Both new and existing customers may try the new transaction features absolutely risk-free for 15 days. The 15-day trial allows you to upload up to 100 financial documents to try our new transaction features. If you do nothing at the end of your trial, then you will lose access to the new features and be placed back on your grandfathered plan.
Start your free trial from the Transactions tab in Neat - Click here to go there now.


What if I switch to a volume-based plan and want to go back to my old plan?

Technically, once you’ve switched to a volume-based plan you cannot go back to one of our older plan types. However, we do offer a Basic plan, which is similar, but still volume-based.


Where can I locate the number of items I have left to upload?

  1. Click your name at the top-right corner of Neat, and choose Account Settings.
  2. Under 'Billing & Support', choose Manage Billing.
  3. You are then taken to the Self-Service Portal. Choose Account Overview.

    Here you will see details about your plan and you can also check how many items you uploaded for your current plan period.

    Please Note: This number does not include financial documents that are currently processing.

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