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Before You Sync (Mac)

Before you sync your data to the cloud, there are some tips you should consider, in order to make moving your data to Neat cloud-powered software a simple process.

**Please keep in mind that completely syncing your database may take some time, depending on the size of your database. It could take about an hour to sync one gigabyte of data to the Neat Cloud.**

Tip #1: Sync one computer at a time.

If you are syncing more than one computer to the same Cloud plan, then you should work on syncing your data to the cloud, one computer at a time.

If you have multiple computers syncing to the cloud at the same time, you may cause a syncing error.

Tip #2: Export information that you do not want in the new software.

If you have old information that you no longer need or that you do not need immediately; we recommend that you export that data out of your Neat software in PDF form, then moving it to an external drive. This will help the syncing process move along more quickly.

Once you have followed those tips, you can turn on the Neat software’s sync feature.

Did the sync process complete successfully?

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  • No, my data did not sync successfully. Please click here to open a support case. The support team can direct you in finishing the syncing process.
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