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Click play below to view a playlist of videos that will help you get started with Neat for Mobile iOS/Android. Once each video is done the next will automatically play, or you can click the Youtube button at the bottom right of the video to view the contents of the playlist.

Please note: If you get the message Camera Access Denied, but do not see the Neat option under Settings > Privacy > Camera, reinstall the Neat app to resolve this issue.

Here you can find articles to walk you through the features of Neat Mobile App for Android or iPhone and get help along the way.

To the left you can choose which category you want more information on or need help with such as Getting Started or Importing . Below we’ve highlighted some of the most used guides and help sections that you may find useful.

Getting Started with the Neat mobile app


Click here to download the Neat mobile app for Android or iPhone. With the Neat mobile app and the Neat cloud service, you can access your files through the web on any hand held mobile device, available for iOS or Android. The mobile app is great for staying organized when you’re on the go, giving you access to valuable information without being bogged down by paper. With the Neat mobile app you can easily take a picture of a restaurant bill or business card, and Neat will transform it into a digital record of that transaction. To use the Neat mobile app you will need a Neat cloud subscription.

Getting Started Help!
If you are having an issue installing or setting up your Neat software, click here for our troubleshooting guide.