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Learn how to send an item to NeatVerify in the Neat Smart Organization software. NeatVerify is a human data verification service that ensures 99% accuracy for the key data that Neat automatically extracts from receipts and business cards. It’s a perfect tool for accurately analyzing faded receipts or handwritten totals, such as a restaurant receipt with an added tip. When you scan an item in the Neat Lightweight Desktop App, you will have the option to apply NeatVerify to each individual scan. Learn how to send to NeatVerify by following the easy steps below.

Send to NeatVerify

  1. Click the Scan button.
    Neat Lightweight App connect multiple scanners - step 1
  2. A Neat Scan window will appear. Make note of the NeatVerify button.
  3. In the Neat Scan window options, click on the small down arrow beside NeatVerify button and select to turn the verify service On or Off.
  4. When you scan in the Neat Software using NeatVerify, you will receive a notification letting you know how many NeatVerify credits will be used for the scanned item. NeatVerify only works for scanned items detected as receipts. Each scanned item will require one credit to verify. When you scan with NeatVerify turned on, within minutes, your item will be reviewed by one of our experts who makes sure the parsed information in Neat matches with what’s on the original.

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