New Neat Experience vs. Desktop Application

Please Note: Neat now has ALL of the desktop features, and so much more! You can continue to use this desktop application, however, all new features, improvements, and updates will occur in our web application. Want to learn more about the new Neat experience? Watch this pre-recorded webinar.

Please review the following FAQs to find out more information about the difference between the New Neat Experience vs. the Desktop Application


What is the new Neat experience?

The new Neat experience is a combination of our Scan Utility (if you use a Neat or 3rd Party scanner) and the latest version of our core web application, NEAT. It replaces both our current web version ( AND desktop application (a.k.a Smart Organization System). All features from both applications (and so much more) are available in Neat in addition to the new Neat Scan Utility -for PC/MacOS- which will facilitate all of your pre-processing/scanning needs.

But, why even have a new Neat experience?

Over the years, we've had many applications - some with overlapping functionality and some with features our customers simply wanted back. That being said, our new experience has been built with the intention of streamlining and “democratizing” the addition of new features. We've listened to our customers feedback/ideas and created an experience that is--and will continue to be--shaped by our users. Though it's still technically early, the experience will continue to progress and evolve encompassing those highly requested features along with huge innovations from our product and development teams.

Is the new experience cloud based? If so, why?

Yes - Neat is a SaaS (Software as a Service), cloud based solution offering access to your data wherever and whenever you need it. Storing information directly on your desktop, though thought by some to be safer, opens your data up to much higher level of volatility. Additionally, we utilize bank level encryption and you’ll always have access to your data.

How safe is my data really going to be though?

Neat uses bank-level encryption technology known as TLS to ensure that your personal information stays private. We also employ 256-bit encryption technology to protect all your important documents. Additionally, all your data is backed up on our servers, so a lost phone, crashed hard drive, or broken computer no longer means lost files! When it comes to your documents’ security, it’s something we take very seriously here at Neat.

Can I still use a Scanner with Neat?

Of course you can! Although now, you'll just use our new Neat Scan Utility and seamlessly send your scanned items directly to Neat. This utility allows for pre-processing of your scans (i.e. cropping, rotating, combining etc.) as well as the ability to save your items directly to your desktop.

Can I provide Neat feedback and Ideas about MY experience?

ABSOLUTELY - In fact, we insist that you do! We've created a portal where you can share new ideas and even vote on existing ideas from fellow Neat users. This democratized approach allows for YOUR voice to be heard internally and can ultimately decide when and which new features are released.

Ok this all sounds great…but what's the new cost?

There are NO additional costs to use Neat with a current Neat subscription.

When will the desktop application officially be retired / E.O.L (end of life)?

If you're comfortable in our desktop application, you can certainly continue to use it. However, its important to note that the new Neat experience encompasses all of the features of our desktop application...and so much more. That being said, though we are not putting a line in the sand, the benefits of the new experience has already, and will continue to - surpass the benefits of staying on the desktop application.

So what exactly are the differences I'll need to know once I move over to Neat?

Though much has remained similar, there are a few important optimizations and features we've added. Once you sign-in, be sure to take the guided tour for "Existing Users". This will quite literally walk you through everything you need to know! Additionally, each and every Thursday afternoon (1PM ET), our Let’s Get Neat webinar covers Neat and much more, in detail. Click here to sign up today!

Can I save a backup of my items “locally” in the Neat?

All items in the Neat are stored in the cloud. You can download ANY of your items at ANY time to a PDF file or data as a CSV. Additionally, our feature roadmap will include a way to bulk download items, however this feature is not expected to be available until later this year.

Can I use Neat without an internet connection?

As mentioned above, Neat is a web-based cloud application that can be accessed using any web browser such as Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. You must have access to an internet connection in order to reach our web page.

How do I get all my data into Neat?

If you were using the Neat Smart Organization System (orange icon) or, ALL of your data, integrations, and mappings have already been sync’d! Simply login to, and go from there. (Don’t forget to bookmark the new URL)

Please Note: If you were using a Legacy application (white icon) then you should login to to check to see if your data was previously synced. If your data was not synced, then you will need to migrate your data. Please schedule an appointment with us to assist with your migration.

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