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Neat Software - Updates & Enhancements

Welcome to the Neat® 2.0 Software release notes.

Current Production Version: v2.0

Version v2.0 – Released 5/22/19

Version v1.7 – Released 5/10/19

  • UI re-styling and refinements
  • Updated icons and tool-tips
  • QuickBooks Desktop integration & adjustments
  • Various backend fixes & improvements

Version v1.6 – Released 04/24/19

  • Send loose Mileage items to Quickbooks (w/o Expense Report)
  • Folder & Account Share invitation/acceptance
  • Control access for Shared Folder recipients
  • Various backend fixes & improvements

Version v1.5 – Released 04/16/19

  • Export to PDF adjustments
  • Various restyling of pages, message boxes etc.
  • Mileage Item missing information improvements
  • QuickBooks Online large data send fixes
  • Various backend fixes

Version v1.4 – Released 03/29/19

  • Add image or document to manually created Item
  • Item detail view UI refinement / enhancements
  • Preview Item directly from grid
  • Identify & download attachments directly from grid
  • Less than zero dollar amounts support
  • Billing portal via Upgrade action added
  • Account-level ownership of Integration connections
  • QuickBooks Desktop  support for multiple accounts (Share token)
  • Additional Invoice Item Type fields added
  • Class Receipt Item Type field added
  • UX refinement of Calendar views
  • Check Item edits prior to export/sending

Version v1.3 – Released 03/05/19

  • Grid filtering: Quickly filter data presented within a grid by item type and/or other key fields to quickly see just what you want to.
  • Simplified trash prompting: No more prompts asking you to confirm that you want to send items to the trash. We now only ask you to confirm emptying the trash.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements: We’ve made numerous changes to improve the performance and stability of the application.

Version v1.2 – Released 02/14/19

  • Support for additional reports: Spending Summary, Spending Detail, Tax Category, and Sales Tax.
  • Reports now drive off of filters, rather than requiring data to be consolidated into a single folder.
  • Items are now marked as reviewed whenever they are viewed in the item detail view, unless there are data warnings (i.e. incomplete mileage entries, etc.).

Version v1.1 – Released 01/18/19

  • Enabled the integration with QuickBooks Desktop.
  • CSV export now supports all item types, not just receipts, as well as includes all primary fields for each item type.
  • Addition of link to release notes in the footer of the application.

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