NeatInvoices Plan

Neat's latest software plan allows you to create and send invoices and collect your payment directly from the invoice email.

Stay tuned! We have several enhancements coming to NeatInvoices soon!
  • Invoicing in the Neat Mobile App - manage your invoices on-the-go!
  • Set up recurring invoices
  • Invoices reporting in Neat
  • Use a custom email address to send invoices to your customers
  • Manage invoicing for multiple businesses in Neat

Check these frequently asked questions to learn more about the NeatInvoices plan.

What is included in the NeatInvoices plan?

The NeatInvoices plan is focused entirely on invoicing. It allows users to:
  • Create a list of customers
  • Add goods, services, and fees for invoicing
  • Set taxes and apply only to taxable items
  • Email invoices to customers
  • Accept payments from emailed invoices - through credit card or bank ACH/EFT payments
  • Process refunds
  • Create recurring invoices - Coming Soon!
Not included in the NeatInvoices plan are all other features associated with paid Neat plans including document upload and storage, transaction streaming and tracking, expense reconciliation, reporting, and business health insights.

How much does the NeatInvoices plan cost?

There is no cost to subscribe to the NeatInvoices plan and create or send invoices to your customers. There are fees associated with setting up and collecting online payments. See Invoicing - Online Payment Fees for details.

How do I set up invoices?

See this article for detailed steps on How to Set Up Invoices.

How do I create invoices?

See this article for detailed steps on How to Create Invoices.

How do I send invoices?

See this article for detailed steps on How to Send Invoices.

How do I accept payments from my customers?

To accept payments from invoices you mail to your customers, you'll need to choose Accept Online Payments from the top right of the Invoices section. For details on setting up payments, see How to Set Up Online Payments.

Your customers can use the following forms of payment from your invoice emails:
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Bank ACH
  • Check (Manual Entry)
  • Cash (Manual Entry)

What steps do my customers need to follow to make a payment?

See this article for detailed steps on How Your Customers Can Pay Your Invoices.

What can I do in User Settings?

In User Settings you can change the user name, email, and password for your account.

What can I do in Account Settings?

In Account Settings you can view or change your subscription or account name.

What can I do in Billing Settings?

Selecting Billing Settings takes you to the billing portal where you can view and manage your subscription and payment method as well as upgrade your current plan.

Can I work on invoices in the Neat mobile app?

Yes! Invoicing features can be accessed in the Neat mobile app. See Invoicing in the Neat Mobile App for details.

Can I use the free Neat Scan Utility with the free NeatInvoices plan?

While both plans are free to use, they cannot be used directly in conjunction with each other. The Neat Scan Utility allows you to scan and edit items then save them to your computer without a paid subscription. Paid subscribers will also have the option to send scanned items to Neat's cloud storage but this option is not available with the free NeatInvoices plan. To upload items from the Neat Scan Utility, you can Try Neat for free or Check Neat Plans that will allow you to upload your scans and store them in your Neat account.

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