​New Neat Mobile App Transaction Matching in the Neat Mobile App

Transaction Matching in the Neat Mobile App

You can now match streamed transactions with scanned or imported receipts in the Neat Mobile App. A Complete plan is required to access streaming transactions from your bank, credit card, or financial institution. In order to view transactions from the mobile app, they first need to be set up online at app.neat.com. Follow the steps linked here to add an account.

To check for transactions that match items you scanned or imported to Neat, tap Match at the bottom of the Neat mobile app. If none of your transactions matches items stored in Neat based on the date and amount of the transaction, you'll see a message letting you know there no possible matches.

How to Match a Transaction

  1. If you have available matches, press Start Matching to begin reconciling your items in Neat with your streamed transactions.
  2. You'll be presented with items that are ready to be matched based on the date and amount recorded.
  3. When you are ready to confirm the match, press the blue Select as Match button to reconcile the transaction and you'll see the "Matched!" confirmation.
  4. If no suggested matches appear when you first tap Match but you have a transaction you wish to match with the same:
    1. date
    2. vendor name
    3. amount
  5. Then you can press More and Transactions to filter and locate the transaction you wish to match.
  6. You also have the option to mark a transaction as No Document Necessary. This option is available for transactions that do not have a document source like a receipt or invoice that is currently being stored within Neat.
    You can also add a note when selecting No Document Necessary like shown below.
    Please Note:You are able to unset No Document Necessary if you would like to capture or attach a matching source document.

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