​New Neat Mobile App New Neat Mobile App - Folder Structure FAQ

New Neat Mobile App - Folder Structure FAQ

The Neat Mobile App is a perfect companion to the Neat desktop experience. The app gives you quick, on-the-go access to Neat’s newest features that can simplify and streamline your business. From the app, you can quickly capture photos of your receipts, invoices, bills and other important documents. Neat will then suggest matches to these documents based on your bank and credit card transactions for on-the-go organization and reconciliation.


Where are my folders?

If you have used an older version of the Neat Mobile App then you may be familiar with accessing your cabinet's folder structure directly in the app. The new Neat Mobile App is focused on simplifying and streamlining your business by allowing you to quickly capture and match your items on-the-go. In our new app, we've replaced the folders with a simple keyword search to create a streamlined way of accessing your entire cabinet. We think you'll find that quickly typing in the folder you're looking for creates more of the on-the-go experience you expect with a mobile app.


How can I provide feedback on my experience?

We care about your feedback! All current Neat products and services are a direct result of feedback and ideas shared with us by Neat customers! The new Neat Mobile App is an actively enhancing experience. You can share your ideas on how to enhance the mobile experience with us on the Neat Ideas Portal available on your Dashboard at app.neat.com or by clicking here.

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