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Inbox Folder Overview

Neat automatically creates an Inbox for you that includes four folders. Five folders if you scan with a NeatConnect scanner.

Neat Cloud - Inbox - Step 1


  • From Concierge Scan
    Please Note: The Neat Concierge scanning service is no longer available. At this time, the From Concierge Scan folder can not be deleted from the inbox.

  • From Email
    If you email items directly to Neat from your personal or business email accounts, the attachments that you send to Neat will be sent to the From Email folder. Learn how to email items to your Neat cabinet here.
  • From NeatMobile
    Items added using the NeatMobile App will be added to the From NeatMobile folder. Download the NeatMobile App here.
  • From Web Import
    Any files added to Neat Cloud Service using the Import button will be available in the From Web Import folder. You can log in or create a new NeatCloud account here.
  • From NeatConnect
    Any files scanned to Neat cloud with a NeatConnect scanner will be uploaded to this folder.
    Please Note: If you do not scan to the Cloud with a NeatConnect scanner, then the From NeatConnect folder will not be available.